A CRM and Sales Data Management Platform for Multi-Line Sales Teams

As reps, we understand the complexities of multi-line selling. That’s why we created Repfabric, the CRM, sales reporting, and commission tracking tool uniquely tailored to the needs of manufacturers, sales reps, and distributors.


Whether you’re a manufacturer selling multiple product lines or brands, a sales rep of multiple manufacturers, or a distributor of multiple manufacturer product lines, Repfabric is designed specifically to connect the threads of multi-line selling by supporting all of the nuances and intricacies that come with managing these sometimes complex opportunities, sales, and commissions.


Track Your Customers From Prospect to Payment

Keeping activity journals and tracking opportunities is standard for any typical customer relationship management (CRM) system. But with Repfabric, you’re also getting a comprehensive sales data management platform that can track your quotes, purchase orders, invoices, and payments (including commissions!) See the full picture for every job and manufacturer — all in one place, as it should be. Pretty cool, huh?


Overwhelmed by the tasks required to track jobs and opportunities?

Updating your CRM with all the information related to open jobs and opportunities can be extremely time-consuming, unless of course, someone made it easy to sync data from right within your inbox!

  • Create and update opportunities within Outlook or Gmail
  • Sync your email contacts to your CRM with no duplicates
  • Track email threads by contact and opportunity
  • Sync your calendar to track sales calls

Frustrated by a lack of knowledge about your company’s performance?

“You don’t know what you don’t know,” which for a manufacturers’ rep, can lead to worries that you aren’t meeting expectations for line retention. Banish those fears with Repfabric’s living reports!

  • Check out your sales by manufacturer on the fly
  • Monitor current performance by each salesperson
  • View any and all open opportunities at a glance
  • Track commissions by salesperson and manufacturer


One universal truth among manufacturers’ sales reps is that we’re always on the go. Instead of your CRM slowing you down, take it along for the ride with the Repfabric mobile app.

  • Document sales calls in 60 seconds using voice-to-text
  • Pull sales numbers and trends by manufacturer
  • Use the “Nearby” feature to find clients in your current area
  • Send pre-written pitches and specs from the parking lot

Record Your Expenses On-The-Go

A mobile phone screen showing the Refabric activity journal.
A mobile phone showing the receipts app on the screen.

The easiest expense tracking happens immediately after the expense happens. Expense tracking is what most sales reps dread. Repfabric makes it easy.

Use the mobile app to capture your receipt and document the expense immediately at or after the sales call. Attribute it to a customer or project. Most expenses are entered within 30 seconds. Pain gone.

  • Fully mobile-enabled
  • Ability to log miles
  • Snap a photo of your receipts
  • Automated one-click expense reports


One of the most important aspects of any CRM solution is how well it will integrate with the other tools you have in your digital toolbelt.

Repfabric CRMSync with arrows pointing to SugarCRM, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics logos.

Update All Manufacturer CRMs with One Click

CRMSync® eliminates the need for duplicate data entry by giving you the ability to easily update your manufacturers’ CRM, including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more.

Email sync with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Autoklose logos.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Email Marketing

Integration with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Constant Contact means you can spend less time bouncing between platforms and more time communicating with clients.

Industry Expertise for Customized Experiences

Not only is Repfabric a CRM and sales data management platform tailored specifically for multi-line manufacturers’ sales reps, but we also get into the nitty-gritty details of our customers’ needs so we can create custom solutions that work for specific industries.

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Getting Started is Easier Than You Might Think

Our data team is experienced in CRMs and commission platforms, which allows us to offer turnkey data conversion. What does this mean for you? We do the heavy lifting of onboarding you into our platform so you don’t have to.