Electronics Industry

Built by Electronic Component and Systems Reps

Designed from the ground-up for our own use as electronics reps, Repfabric was born from our day-to-day, bag-carrying efforts to sell semiconductors, PCBS, connectors, SBCs, TIMs and assembly services. Our platform provides the ability to track design wins at OEMs in your territory that get bought in Mexico or Asian supply chains, so you can claim your commission credits. When you’re tracking registrations, design wins, split filings and a huge number of NBOs for each principal, you fit precisely what we do at Repfabric.

Repfabric is a recognized resource provider to the Electronics Representatives Association (ERA) with integration to Budde Marketing that eliminates the lag time of your sales numbers from your principals.
  • Direct integration with Budde Marketing to get your sales and commissions within 10 days of the close of the prior month
  • Ability to track NBOs at the OEM and automatically look for CEMs where the business will transact
  • Automatic two-way CRMSync® to various principal CRM systems – when you create an opportunity in Repfabric, CRMSync® updates their system
  • Create and update principal-specific opportunities in your email, including part numbers and approval statuses, which also syncs to their CRM
  • Use your phone to view a customer’s sales, down to the part number, last price sold at, and overall run rate within 10 seconds so you can detect commodity parts for which you’ve won or lost business
  • Right from Excel, use First-Time Buy reports to create opportunities for your reps to chase in one click
  • Out-of-the box analysis reports, down to the part numbers where you’ve lost business and how you’re doing towards goals per principal

Running on an antiquated platform from the ’90s? No problem, we convert from that system to ours in 5 days or less so you don’t miss a beat.


Now that you know about our electronics expertise, it’s time to find out if Repfabric is right for your company.