Contract Furniture Industry

Solutions Specific to the Contract Interiors Industry

It’s uncommon to find software solutions that “get” the contract furniture industry. Most companies don’t understand the relationships between all of the different stakeholders in a commercial interior design project; from you, the manufacturers’ rep, the brands you represent, and the dealers and designers that you’re selling solutions to, for the ultimate customer – the end user. In some cases your customer is a dealer, sometimes a design firm, or it could be the end user! That’s a lot of connections and touchpoints to track across multiple projects in various markets and territories. We get it. And we do it right in your email, because we recognize you get paid by your manufacturers for orders, not for paperwork and reports.

Track All The Things. Bids, Specs, Orders, Acknowledgements, Invoices, Emails, etc. Sync between Independent Reps, Manufacturers, and Customers.
  • Our opportunities understand the relationship between various project stakeholders, like manufacturers, dealers, designers, and end users.
  • From scoping, to design and quote, and revisions, all steps are tracked per project from email
  • Synchronize your opportunity funnel to your manufacturer’s CRM using CRMSync®
  • Our contact management breaks down which dealers buy or could buy which brands from you.
  • Did you lend a sample to a dealer showroom and need to keep track of it? We call those “lend items.”
  • When tracking sales, do you need to commission your rep to the project? Check.
  • Do you need lead feeds from social platforms like Mortarr or quotes from ProjectMatrix? We can help.
  • Are all of your commission statements a big unorganized mess that makes your calculations of what you owe your sales people days of work to unwind? We can fix that too.

Our platform is used by dozens of contract furniture rep groups, and the numbers are growing by the day. Contact us below to see why!


Now that you know more about our contract furniture industry expertise, it’s time to find out if Repfabric is right for you.