Sales & Commission Tracking

From Prospect to Payment

With Repfabric, you’re getting a lot more than just the ability to track activities and opportunities. Close the loop by managing quotes, purchase orders, invoices, and payments – including commission splits to the agencies and individual reps – all within one platform.

Track the order, when it ships, and when you get paid so you can collect the commissions owed to you, then create compensation plans for salespeople on salary + bonus structures, or based on percentages of agency earnings by customer, region, manufacturer, manufacturer division, order, part number – in almost any combination – so the system manages the complexity for you!

Today, thousands of paychecks are calculated by Repfabric to pay rep employees down to the penny.

  • Import manufacturer sales and commission statements from Excel
  • Use our wizard to enter sales and commission statements quickly for those ugly un-importable reports
  • Reconcile what you booked, invoiced, and got paid commissions for throughout the chain of documents
  • Track buy/sell versus factory commissioned lines separately or combined for a holistic view of the manufacturer’s performance
  • Unwind the challenges behind paying the right rep that covers situations like ship-to versus the sold-to and the OEM versus the CEM, so those hand adjustments simply go away forever

Seriously, we have the most advanced sales and commission tracking system on the planet, which is why we’re “not just another CRM.” We recognize that each manufacturer on your line card gives you totally different order, invoice and commission information, or sometimes none at all, while at different times of the month, with different formats, and with different customer names for the same customer. We’ll help you unwind your “big data” problem.

Don’t have someone on your team to take on the process? No problem! our commissions-as-a-service group, a team of Repfabric employees with 40+ years of experience doing commissions for agencies, can knock it out for you!

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