CRMSync® Overview

A split-screen of two software interface dashboards syncing information between each customer relationship management.

What is CRMSync®?

CRMSync® links the manufacturer’s CRM (e.g.,, MS Dynamics, Sugar, etc.) with their rep firms’ Repfabric system. CRMSync® integration allows manufacturers to better track their sales force’s opportunities, projects, quotations, and activities.   

Why do it?

There are several benefits.
– Increase sales effectiveness by keeping your sales team in front of customers instead of double (or more) entry of data
– Increase CRM user adoption
– Increase data quality and speed. For instance, opportunity and related records are 75% faster to create and keep up-to-date
– Less CRM training required for agencies

Is it secure?

Yes! The Sync is created through API access. Repfabric undergoes robust Penetration testing (reports are available), like what financial institutions utilize. Robust security policies are in place, including those at the networking, physical premise, and application levels.

How do I learn more?

Are you sure it is secure, and who owns the data?

– Your data is 100% owned by you 
– NIST-compliant removal protocols in place
– Repfabric is a Salesforce (and other CRM providers) partner
– Use Salesforce REST APIs, restricting access to the same credentials as the web user interface, ensuring firewalled access for user privileges 
– HTTPS encryption tunnels, SFDC tokening
– Annual Penetration (Pen) testing conducted (reports available) 
– Robust security policy
– Networking level
– – Physical premise
– – Application level