Reps Working for Reps

We started Repfabric in 2012 to solve the unique challenges of sales call efficiency for multi-line selling and the business aspects of running a rep agency. Our intent was to improve our own rep firm. As it turned out, other agencies wanted it too.

Our founders imagined a better way to efficiently track opportunities, automate reporting, and streamline communication up and down the supply chain. This innovation of practical design leverages daily work duties by way of simple, quick, and easy-to-use button clicks to generate a monster sales reporting/management system for all parties, reps and their manufacturers alike.

The Repfabric Dream Team

We are a team that’s large on experience with over fifty years of sales and procurement adventures and firefights in the trenches of business. We get it. We understand the challenges of everyday survival and we want to arm you with the tools and weapons to survive and thrive.

John Mitchell, CPMR


Formerly with Accenture, and thereafter running a 10 person rep firm for 12 years, I lived the business challenges from which the Repfabric platform was born.

Brent Charles

Vice President, Director of Sales

With 35 years of sales experience for RPMS, my deep knowledge of the rep industry plus the CRM front end with Repfabric helps my customers reach new heights in sales.

Sarah Cozzens

Vice President of Operations

My job is to help you corral your data, which for most companies is in about 20 different places.  Also, I am a hunter.

Mike Smith

Account Manager and Trainer

With 20 years of experience as a teacher and adult trainer, my specialty is to get your team trained and running smoothly. Plus, I do stand-up comedy.

Kim Kininmonth

Lead CRM Trainer

My super cape would have a Microsoft logo on it. I’ve taught Excel, Outlook and all things Microsoft for 11 years. I love helping sales reps save time by using Repfabric easily.

Chris Oldfield

Software Support Technician

Helping solve challenges is my specialty. I learned in the Army and in my digital marketing work the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles. 

Julianne Mitchell

Commissions Data Manager

With 16 years of experience processing commissions for a rep firm in the Pacific Northwest, I now put that experience to work for you. In my free time, I serve as treasurer of the Seattle Chapter of the Pacific Northwest Association of Church Libraries.

Ben Tompson

Data Intelligence

Having completed my masters degree recently, I am knowledgeable on the cutting edge data intelligence tools and how to apply them to our customers. Plus, I have a dog.

Boris Damianov

Client Support Specialist

With two master’s degrees and 20+ years of combined customer service, teaching, and data analytics, my highest priority is YOU and how to best optimize your skills and resources to serve your clients! Singer, dancer, and aquarium enthusiast.

Hal Bilodeau

Data Specialist

As an IT Director for a large fortune 1000 company, I deploy my experience on a daily basis to help you manage your world’s data challenges.

Development Team

Globally Distributed

Data is our jam. No sales team has had squeaky-clean data coming in. Our development team in the US and abroad are data experts, so your information is always exactly how and where you need it.

Ready to put our team's expertise to the test?

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