Dynamacs Export Instructions

Exporting Data from Dynamacs

Exporting Dynamacs Customer List

Tools > Mailing List – Leave Blank and hit proceed

Go to Reports – View in PDF Folder – Opens a computer file – go up two arrows to find the “Dyna” directory

Then go to the Working folder and find “DM-EXP” which should be the file that contains the Companies list.

Please send that to data@repfabric.com

*Note: if “View in PDF Folder” is grayed out, using Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory called “Dynamacs” and seach for the file “DM-EXP”

 **Note, if you are using Dynamacs Cloud, you can save this onto a thumb drive.

Exporting Sales and Commission History

Here are the instructions for exporting commission transaction history.

To export the transaction history, do the following:

  1. Go to SalesIQ
  2. Click the “Manufacturers” tab
  3. Select the As-of Month that you want to export
  4. Select the 1st manufacturer on the list and right-click “Show Transactions”
  5. Select to From Year to be as far back as you want to go (2015?)
  6. Refresh for it to make the list of transactions
  7. Click Export button, and “No” to “Do you want to reverse signs for the amounts field”?

This creates an export for the month of transactions for that manufacturer.   You would change the date for in the From column to the years you want to include for this manufacturer’s sales history.  

Then repeat this for all other manufacturers you want to bring into Repfabric.

A screenshot of a screen showing the settings for a transaction.

If you need help with the extraction, contact support@repfabric.com