Winrep Extraction Instructions

We do not have the exact procedure for extracting the Winrep data, so instead, we will cover what we need and what several other companies have been able to successfully provide.

1) Excel Export of the Companies (Account) list from Winrep. Company information is what all contacts, activity, opportunities, sales and commission dollars “hang from”. Here is a sample template of the Repfabric company load form. We don’t need it in the exact columns from Winrep, but will ultimately match the column orders.

Companies Template

2) Contacts kept in Winrep. If you keep a quality list of contacts in Winrep, we can use them to populate Repfabric contacts under the related Winrep company. Please see the contact template below:

Contacts Template

3) Excel Export of Sales and Commission History. We require an export of sales and commissions from Winrep. If you reconcile sales with commissions in Winrep (matching invoice numbers), please also identify which sales are open and awaiting commission payment. Here is a link to a sample Repfabic Sales and Commission import template.

Sales and Commission Template (Sample)