Power Transmission & Motion Control

Repfabric Keeps Your Quotes in Motion

Working on an end user to spec in your gearboxes and chain? Making calls on your distributors to get more commodity business? We help you with both, a lot. PTRA customers were among our earliest and drove the functionality for both front end sales tracking and reporting, as well as backend sales tracking for your distributors like Applied and Motion. Through Outlook and Gmail we track quotes that are prepared by your manufacturer and emailed to the agency or the customer (we call this Quote Orchestration). In less than 5 clicks. And most importantly, we don’t let them slip off your radar, so the quotes turn into orders.

  • Quotes are surfaced for follow up, so no more missed deals
  • Quote reports can be easily generated for manufacturer reporting 
  • Log your call notes and action items verbally within seconds
  • Automatic two-way CRMSync to various principal CRM systems – create an opportunity in Repfabric, it automatically updates their system
  • Create and update principal-specific opportunities in your email, including part numbers and approval statuses, which also syncs to their CRM
  • Use your phone to view a customer’s sales, down to the part number, last price sold at, and overall run rate within 10 seconds so you can detect commodity parts for which you’ve won or lost business 
  • Track your principal goals and how well you’re doing to achieve them in one place without a ton of data entry

As a member of the PTRA, Repfabric is frequently a presenter at the PTRA Conference, and recommended by Turner Time Management, PTRA’s exclusive Performance Management and Workforce Productivity expert.  


Now that you know more about our industry expertise, it’s time to find out if Repfabric is right for you.