Repfabric and Empowering Systems Joining Forces

Repfabric and Empowering Systems Joining Forces

Strategic Acquisition Expands Capabilities and Reinforces Market Position

Tampa, FL, May 17, 2024 – Repfabric, LLC, a leader in sales effectiveness technology, is excited to announce the strategic acquisition of Empowering Systems, Inc., a renowned developer of software solutions for manufacturers and representatives. This merger, effective immediately, combines over 40 years of industry experience to enhance our products and services for companies that sell through or are multi-line sales organizations.

Founded in 2013, Repfabric dedicated itself to solving the unique challenges of sales call efficiency and business management for manufacturers, rep agencies, and wholesalers/distributors. The acquisition of Empowering Systems, an innovator in automating sales processes since 1994, marks a milestone in Repfabric’s mission to enhance sales effectiveness through cutting-edge technology.

A Unified Vision

Together, Repfabric and Empowering Systems will operate under the name Repfabric, LLC, maintaining their commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence. Empowering Systems employees will move to Repfabric, with Rich Greaves and Scott Mayo joining the leadership team. The merger will create a robust platform with an extended range of products and services, poised to empower hundreds of customers across various industries.

John Mitchell, CEO of Repfabric, commented on the merger saying, “Joining forces with Empowering Systems enables us to enhance our solutions and extend our reach in the market. This is a strategic step forward to drive innovation and solidify our leadership in the industry.”

Scott Mayo, founder and Senior Partner of Empowering Systems, expressed his enthusiasm for the new venture, “We are thrilled to merge with Repfabric and believe that our combined expertise will deliver greater value and expanded capabilities to our clients.”

Enhanced Product Offerings and Customer Benefits 

Clients of both companies can anticipate a range of benefits from this collaboration:

  • Expanded Solutions – Access to a broader suite of technology solutions tailored to enhance sales efficiency and business management.
  • Increased Efficiency – Leveraging combined resources to provide more comprehensive support and faster service.
  • Innovative Products – Continued innovation to stay ahead of market demands and technological advancements.

As Repfabric integrates Empowering Systems’ operations, customers can expect seamless service continuity with additional resources dedicated to enhancing user experience and support. The integrated company is committed to exceeding client expectations accustomed to both companies prior to the acquisition.

About Repfabric, LLC. 

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Repfabric, LLC is a pioneering technology company specializing in sales effectiveness solutions for manufacturers, rep agencies, and wholesale/distributors. With a mission to enhance the productivity and profitability of sales professionals, Repfabric develops advanced CRM and sales management tools designed to optimize sales processes and increase efficiency. The company’s innovative software supports multi-line sales organizations across various industries, helping them manage complex sales cycles and customer relationships effectively. Committed to driving innovation and excellence, Repfabric leads the way in sales technology solutions, delivering measurable results and competitive advantages to clients across North America.

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