Sales Team CRM Buy-In Questions​


Would it be beneficial to…

  1. Surface customer data (e.g., sales) to your cell phone so that you can understand how much a customer is buying right from your phone?​
  2. Have us email market to existing customers and potential prospects on your behalf, and notify you if they opened the email, or link, we sent?​
  3. Rollout initiatives and goals that are important to our company’s success?​
  4. Have a list of quotes to a customer you are going to see right on your phone?​
  5. To surface orders or invoice data on your phone?​
  6. See past conversations you or anyone in our company has had with customers?​
  7. See emails you or anyone in our company has sent to a customer?​
  8. Receive a daily reminder on when you need to follow up on an opportunity, project or conversation?​
  9. Be able to assign a task to an inside person directly from your phone that includes the notes you have already taken?​
  10. Be able to track samples or lend items that you have provided to a customer?​
  11. Plan your day with your Outlook or Gmail calendar integrated on a mobile app such that you can record activity directly in the meeting?​
  12. Use a Near By function to see what customers are close to where you are?