The Intersection of Business Types

Our previous article asked, “Is your business more of a Lifestyle Business or a Growth Business?” and “Is your sales team more Self-Directed or Management Directed?”

Do you like your answers to each question but want to improve your business’s effectiveness? If so, we would implore you to investigate a CRM/Sales Efficiency Tool that empowers you to manage more efficiently and empowers your sales team with real-time data when they need it most: When they are in the field (i.e., on their mobile device).

If you want to shift your business or team, give yourself and them the tools needed to make these shifts. For your team to shift your business, you likely need to shift your team to being more management-directed (or at least management-encouraged). They need a line-of-sight to things like:

An illustration of a woman speaking with a megaphone in front of a group of people.
  • The business strategy and goals
  • Their goals
  • Documentation of activities
  • Automated reminders
  • Tasks they have assigned
  • Opportunities, projects, and jobs tracking
  • Sales by customer
  • Product Line Productivity

This is just a short list of how a CRM can enable your team to increase their productivity… which means increasing your sales.

As we say, there are two basic ways to grow sales

  1. Hire more salespeople
  2. Enable your existing salespeople to be more efficient

A proficient CRM tool is the answer for Number 2. It is also much more cost-effective. A 2022 Repfabric study found that the average payback time for a CRM investment in the first year is less than three months. In the second year, that payback falls to less than one month.


Whether managing a Lifestyle or Growth business or steering a Self-Directed or Management-Directed sales team, a robust CRM/Sales Efficiency Tool is essential. It enhances management efficiency and equips your sales team with crucial, real-time data, especially in the field. By providing visibility into business strategies, goals, and performance metrics, a CRM tool enables your team to boost productivity and sales. This approach, focusing on empowering your existing team rather than expanding it, is effective and cost-efficient. With our study showing a significant return on investment in a short period, incorporating a CRM system is a strategic move toward sustainable business growth and sales enhancement.