You are currently viewing Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts for Manufacturers’ Reps

Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts for Manufacturers’ Reps

Do your current tools land 38 appointments on your calendar each week?
Come watch Repfabric President John Mitchell CPMR and Autoklose CEO Shawn Finder lob best practices and insider tips back and forth.

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Matching good data with an automated marketing tool can be a boost to your sales. We all know, if it’s done wrong, those email “arrows” fall flat. If done right, your calendar fills up with quality conversations.
Some answers you can anticipate:
• What % of my emails are blocked and I don’t even know?
• How do images/links/attachments affect my email?
• Even if we’re contacts, my email can be filtered to spam?
• What’s the secret phrase to get my email opened?
• How do you build a great target list?
• How have industry standards changed?
• What is the best way to get emails that perform above average?

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