Key Employee Retention for Manufacturers Reps

John Mitchell, CPMR
President of Repfabric

John Vrablic, 
President, T.I.P.S. 4 Reps

YouTube video
Join John Vrablic, President of TIPS4REPS, and John Mitchell, President of Repfabric, for a discussion on techniques for retaining key employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

There are many key items needed to survive these tumultuous times and one of those is your key employees. John Vrablic from T.I.P.S. 4 Reps will be presenting on this topic and will discuss the following:

  1. Financial Impact and Fallout of Covid and what could be your risk for you and your key employees
  2. Summary of Government programs now and what’s coming up to assist in retaining key people (EIDL, Cares Act, FFCRA)
  3.  Advanced Planning Strategies to Retain Key Employees during Covid and the near future

John Vrablic is President and Founder of T.I.P.S. 4 Reps, (Tax, Investment, Protection and Succession Planning) a boutique Business and Wealth Management firm that has been specializing with Manufacturer’s Reps for 20+ years.  He is also the Instructor for Succession planning at CMPR and is often a guest speaker and presenter for various rep associations.